Classical Music…

From March to December, there are one or two concerts per month within our most charming property on Muristan Road, inside the Christian Quarter of the Old City, either in the Church of the Redeemer, the Refectory, or the Courtyard.

Additional Concerts under the supervision of our ministries for pilgrims and tourists take place at the Church of the Ascension on the Augusta Victoria Compound (Mount of Olives)

While it is a privilege in itself to receive some of the most outstanding musicians from all over the world here in the heart of Jerusalem, our concert work means even more for us: Through music, we try to bring together Israelis, Palestinians, and expatriates. Music is beyond any political conflict; music is a gift of God. The art of music engenders the art of listening – maybe even of listening to each other – and therefore contributes to a better understanding among people and communities.

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Some Video-Clips from our Concerts:

"Sounding Jerusalem" 2010 (video by Redeemer Jerusalem):

Videos made by our visitors: